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Emergency Medical Care

Children's Stories 

Li Zhengcui - The Curvy Road 


Li Zhengcui became a Burmese orphan at a young age. When she was still young, she contracted tuberculosis, and almost lost her life. As a result, her spine curved to abnormal portions. After learning about Zhengcui's story, we took her to Silver Lining Family Village in Myanmar in 2018, providing her a space to be happy and to meet new family and friends. However, during a health check, the doctor discovered tuberculosis bacteria that had been lurking in Zhengcui's spine. If the disease were to develop, it would lead to paralysis or even death. Zheng Chui was immediately flown to Hong Kong for surgery. The operation process was quite complicated and there was a certain degree of risk.

Due to the efforts and help of the medical staff of Hong Kong Yi Hospital, the operation was successfully completed. At that point, Zhengcui's spine no longer curved, and she could stand like an ordinary person. After the operation, Zheng Cui stayed in Hong Kong for half a year for continued examinations and treatments. In mid-March 2020, she returned to Silver Lining to continue living. Zhengcui still needs to take medicine regularly to completely eliminate the tuberculosis germs in the body, but with the support and blessing of everyone, Zhengcui will definitely defeat the germs and grow up healthy and happy!

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