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Silver Lining Missions has been carrying out poverty alleviation work in Guangxi since 2005, and is committed to helping orphans and disabled children in mountainous areas. The sustainable development of Silver Lining relies on the support of individual benevolent individuals or units, as well as regular donations. Through regular donations of US$20 or more per month, we can bring hope to the impoverished children in Guangxi and Myanmar and their families. We can improve their lives with love and care, helping them integrate into society. Become a partner and bring hope to these children! 

If you participate in the "Silver Lining Partner Program" with a monthly donation of US$20 or more, you can receive "Little Angel of Dreams" as a souvenir. 

With your help, we can go further! 

I am willing to make regular donations to help the children in need. 

Through regular donations of US$20 or more per month, I will become a "Silver Lining partner" so that more children can recieve help.


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